Sponsors and exhibitors are fundamental elements for the success of a congress.


Spain is not just any place.

In Spain there is the only United Nations agency dedicated to Tourism, the UNWTO, based in Madrid, which ten years ago drew up the code of ethics for tourism.

Spain is the world’s largest holiday and leisure destination in the world, with more than 85 million people who each year choose the sun, the good mood and character of the people, the landscape, culture, gastronomy, faith, art or the history of Spain.

This high number of people who visit us each year financially imply nothing less than an amount equivalent to the Health and Education budget of the entire State.

And we must not forget that in Spain tourism moves 12% of the economy directly and 60% indirectly; it is therefore a fundamental engine of life and well-being in our country.

It is a factor of great social mobility. Many people with little professional training, or who suffer a dismissal in the middle of their working life, can be recycled in the tourist world. And of course, the young people, the university students, who find in seasonal tourism the possibility of continuing with their careers, or of beginning to make their lives more independent.

These are some of the moral reasons for supporting this World Congress of Tourism Pastoral Care.


From the organization we are open to individualized agreements with the different sponsors and collaborators that guarantee them to make the most of their contributions.


Sponsors and exhibitors make their commitment to the event prominently visible


Collaborators and sponsors can actively show their services, resources and potential

In addition to the exhibition space, the meeting area of ​​the Congress, these are some of the advertising supports in which the image of collaborators and sponsors may appear:

  • Web and RR.SS.
  • Signage elements at headquarters
  • Session screens
  • Virtual platform
  • Material
  • Landyards and accreditations
  • […]

Benefits of being an exhibitor or sponsor

Position and relate the brand to a reference event.


Approach to the target audience.


Opportunity to establish direct contact with attendees.


Presence of the logo in the graphic elements generated according to agreement.


Presentation of products and/or services during the event


Enrollment Allocation